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Volumetric Dough Divider for Bagels

It was found that piston diameter that were smaller than 100mm, were difficult for hard and stiff dough such as bagel dough to go through the machine consistently. To help our client produce bagel dough through the volumetric dough divider machine, we were able design and manufacture a simple and efficient solution in-house.

The dough was not being sucked into the pistons due to the fact that the surface tension of the dough was higher than the weight of the dough to be sucked into the pistons. To resolve this issue, we had to implement an exerting force on top of the dough to help exceed the surface tension forces. This was accomplished using a pneumatic piston, operating within a cylinder where the dough is placed.

Safety barriers and safety sensors are also used to ensure that no hands or fingers are reached within the cylinder during operation or the pneumatic piston activated when the piston is rotated outside of the cylinder.

The cylinder is able to push up to 40kg of dough through the volumetric divider machine.

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