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Spiral Cooling / Freezing Tower

All our ​spiral cooling towers are made to order and are custom designed to perfectly suit the needs of our customers. The spiral cooling towers can be used for natural cooling, within cool rooms or within freezer rooms.



  • Sided nylon conveyor link style belt is stable when in operation, and will not get stuck or upturn.

  • Variable speed.

  • High strength nylon conveyor belt and low friction food grade PP guide rail. The spiral conveyor  has an automatic lubrication system so you do not need to add lubricating oil, and there is no need to repair or change any components for many years.

  • ​We can design different input and output directions according to customer's workshop area i.e. low input and high output; high input and low output.

  • Spiral Cooling Towers save space with high efficiency.

  • Suitable for use with bakery products, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and so on.​​

  • Belt conveyor can be include bends, slopes or spirals.


The following elements can be customised to meet customer requirements:


  • Material, length and width of the conveyor belt.

  • Height, diameter and quantity of layers in the tower.

  • In-feed and out-feed directions.


In order for a quotation and further details, we require information such as:


  • Product type

  • Workshop area (space available for the tower)

  • Production capacity (hourly)

  • In-feed temperature

  • Out-feed temperature

  • Choice of Spiral Tower Configuration (optional) as demonstrated

Spiral Tower Configuration Options.jpg

Spiral Tower Configuration Options

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