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Automatic Rack & Tray Loading/Unloading System


  • Our automatic rack loading and unloading system can accommodate all kinds and sizes of trays and racks as this system is made to order and is custom-built to best suit each of our customers.

  • Trays are loaded and unloaded in and out of the shelves of the bakery rack using the elevating robot and pneumatic piston.

  • Save labour, time and significantly increase efficiency.

  • Can be used to unload the trays or products from the rack and lead them towards the spiral cooling tower or simply used to unload products from the trays before packaging. Can also be used to unload the trays with products for further processing such as putting contents into the products, before being led back into the shelves of the rack.

  • Can queue multiple racks of which is automatically fed into the system, the rack that is full of products or an emptied rack, comes out the other side.


  • Vacuum Depanner System

Required when it is necessary to remove the products from the trays and place them somewhere else eg. packaging line, conveyor belt, spiral cooling tower.

  • Automatic Traying System 

Gently drops the products onto the designated location of the trays.

Automatic Rack & Tray Loading System
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