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Commercial Gas Fryer


Our heavy duty twin basket commercial fryer is suitable for restaurants, cafes, fish & chips shops, catering businesses and more. Our gas fryer range is of the highest quality with stainless steel construction, energy efficient Robertshaw (Imported from the USA) components and vertical burners for optimal performance.

Our gas operated cooking equipment range all come with SAI Global, Gas Safety Certification meeting Australian gas products standards under AS 4563-2004.

Licence Number: SAI-400249

12 month warranty

  • High quality Stainless Steel Body

  • Vertical burners with optimal gas fire performance

  • Internal tube baffle design for increased efficiency

  • Robertshaw Control Valve

  • Robertshaw Pilot ensures user safety

  • Robertshaw Thermostat - adjustable temperature range from 60°C ~ 200°C

  • Robertshaw Temperature Limiter (238°c) for extra safety

  • Reliable manually pilot lighting system

  • Automatic Gas supply cut off when pilot is off for safety

  • Double thermal couplings, one for pilot, one for main burner (5 burner gas fryer only)

  • Adjustable steel feet

3 Burner Gas Fryer

5 Burner Gas Fryer

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