Our Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Packaging Machine can fill all kinds of non-fluency powder-based products such as spices, coffee, cream, milk powder, starch, pepper, chilli powder, additives, cocoa, powdered sugar, coconut, vanilla, mint, cumin, carbonate, powder pesticides, cement, plaster, grout and many more.

Product weight is adjusted by controlling the number of revolutions of precision screws. The screw-pipe is used in different diameters for varying weights. A collar-pipe is used in different diameters for varying width of packaging.

The machine can coordinated with an optional helicoid conveyor automatic feeding system. When the packaging is full of a product, the automatic feeding system stops via sensors. This prevents wastage. When the product falls below a certain level, it starts to run again. So, a fully automated system is provided without operator intervention and packaging of the products is provided.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of auger filler machines that is appreciated all over the world for its robust construction and functional accuracy. Our machines are PLC controlled, brushless and provided with direct drives that enhance their functionality. Our auger filler machines are ideal for packaging talcum powder, spices, flour and other kinds of fine powders.

Optional Features

  • Auto Feeding System

  • Date Coding System

  • Finished Product Conveyor

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