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Rotary Patisserie Bakery Oven



  • Rotary Patisserie Bakery Ovens are practical and economic ovens equipped with an indirect heating, forced air circulation and steam system, providing best baking conditions for bakery products.

  • This oven offers a great variation in products that can be baked such as cakes, pastry, sandwich and bread.

  • These series reach baking temperature in a short span of time thanks to their superior heating performance, and are designed such that they never cause performance compromises even in case of serial loading.​​


  • With its powerful heating and steam system, never cause performance compromises even in case of consecutive baking operations, and provides its users standard mass production conditions with best results in every baking process.

  • The capacity of the oven is 10 trays with dimensions of 400mm x 600mm.

  • Cost saving double glass with strong high-quality insulation which ensures that heat loss is minimal.

  • A complimentary, compact, proofer cabinet with humidity sensor comes together with the oven.​

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