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Retarder Prover for Trays


For Trays :


  • Controlled fermentation by accurate management of temperature, humidity and time.

  • Eliminates the need for “overtime” wages.

  • Structure : Prefabricated modular panels with thickness of insulation 60mm. Polyurethane rigid foam without CFC and density 38/40 Kg/mc. Sanitary profiles on the floor and ceiling

  • Long leavening process = more flavour and longer shelf life.


  • Auto defrost and evaporation of condensate water.

  • Must be connected to water supply.

  • If unit is in an area with hard water, we recommend installing a water filter to protect the components.

  • Digital control panel with LCD display and four programming keys


  • Glass-made door with internal LED lighting

  • Pressure reducer 3/4 DN20 with manometer

Models Available 

400mm x 600mm

600mm x 800mm

400mm x 600mm

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