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Horizontal Flow-Wrap Packaging Machine

Our horizontal flow-wrap packaging machine can seal cellophane film around the product one at a time. This automation system consists of a smart servo motor. There is an easy access and intervention to product height, smart photocell setting and packing speed controlled by PLC / Smart Control System via a touch screen. There is also a product control sensor of which prevents the product from squeezing during packing.

Our machine is produced according to operate with an optional thermal printer which can safely print vital information such as the expiry date on the wrapping film.

Emergency stop is placed on essential locations to protect the safety of the user and the machine.

A system to control the product information packaged can also be stored.

If in an unlikely situation a troubleshoot is to occur, the picture and name of the troubled component connected to automation will shown on display for fast and reliable maintenance.

The part that seals the film is called the jaw. This jaw system operated without diminishing due to the fact that the jaws are in a rotary motion. There are a total of four jaws. Therefore, it can seal two products in each complete cycle.

rotating jaws head.PNG

Rotating Jaws Head

The bobbin size of the cellophane film operates at a minimum of 20 microns, which saves packaging costs.

It is very easy to use and clean.

Spare parts and after sales service support is available for the duration of 2 years.

Disassembling and assembling the film on the bobbin is very easy as it has an air system with a PLC controlled shaft. This saves a lot of time when changing for a new wrapping film. The cellophane bobbin tensioning system is a special feature of which adjusts the distension of the cellophane automatically as to weight and the thickness of the bobbin.

Singular Jaw Max. Packaging Dimensions

Length: 500mm


Width: 260mm

Height: 100mm

Double Jaw Max. Packaging Dimensions

Length: 230mm


Width: 160mm

Height: 100mm

Double jaw can package half the length of singular jaw however, it can package twice as fast compared to singular jaw due to the fact that it packages two products every revolution.

Optional Accessories:

  • Thermal Printer

  • Horizontal Slicer Machine

  • Content Filling Station

Horizontal Slicer Machine



  • Horizontal slicer machines are ordered to either fully cut or slice with adjustable depth and height.

  • Perfect slicing machine for high-speed bakery productions.


  • A circular saw is used to cut the bakery product of which is easily maintained and replaced.

  • The circular saw is used from only one side of the machine.


  • The height of the upper holder, height of the circular saw and depth of slicing can simply be adjusted using manual handles and rulers.

  • The machine is equipped with relevant sensors and buttons to ensure the safety of the operator and operation.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.

Content Filling Station

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