• The semi-liquid depositor can fill products with high viscosity such as custard cream, custard, rice pudding, souffle, sponge cake, muffin cake, soup, jam, cake, appetiser, hummus, eggplant paste, ajvar, fig paste, fig porridge, cream, olive paste, food sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, grained jam, marmalade, honey, pudding, chocolate cream, hazelnut cream, glucose, pastry sauce, custard cream, paste, tahini, pepper paste, tomato paste, peanut butter, pasta salad, salad sauce, lentil patties and so on.

  • The liquid depositor can fill products such as juice, water, liquid soap, milk, vegetable oil, syrup and so on.

  • Easy to adjust and set the filling range by the hand wheels.

  • The depositor operates with pneumatic system.​​

  • Filling Accuracy : ±%1​​

  • Easy and quick cleaning with the use of tri-clamps.


  • Stand with castor wheels.

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